Augusto Gutiérrez

I have been enrolled in the Master’s Program in Hispanic Studies at Concordia University since 2011. I received my B.A. (degree conferred with distinction) in Honours Spanish (Literature & Society) from Concordia in 2011. I have also been assisting Professor Roberto Viereck Salinas in a research project on Indigenous Latin-American Poetry (particularly Mapuche poetry from Chile) since 2010. As a result of this research, I have presented a paper at the 2012 Conference of the Canadian Association of Hispanists, which was held this year at the University of Waterloo (Ontario). At present, I am a Spanish Instructor at Concordia, where I teach SPAN 201 (Introductory Spanish I).

View_Current CV
  • M.A. in Hispanic Studies, Concordia University (2011-2013).
  • B.A. in Honours Spanish (Literature & Society), Concordia University (2008-2011).
  • B.A. (Degree Not Conferred) Sociology, Queens College CUNY (1981-1983).
Research and Teaching Interests
  • Latin American cultural and literary studies.
  • Discourse Analysis.
  • Latin American short narrative.
  • Latin American “boom”.
  • Colonial discourse.
  • Writing, orality and translation.
  • Interpretation Theory.

Lectures, Conference Presentations and Publications