Vilma Vidal-García

I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Hispanic Studies at Concordia University. I earned my BS in Hispanic Literatures at the University of Havana, with an honors thesis analyzing the novel El beso de la mujer araña by Manuel Puig. I worked as a literary research, copyeditor, and proofreader, Spanish Teacher, librarian, editor and university professor. During almost ten years, I alternated editing work with university professor. I taught courses of Spanish Grammar, Written and Style, Cuban Literature, Art, and Cinema. I also hold a two-year certificate program in Editing and Publishing and an MA in Information Management.


My interests include contemporary Latin American literature and culture, and Hispanic-Canadian literature. Specifically, I would like to undertake a project that combines aspects of the literary creation, intellectual attitude in Cuban writers who have had to reorient the coordinates of their creative writing. I will anchor the project in case studies of Cuban writers in Canada, analyzing their literary work writing here as part of their new educational process and their new cosmopolitan experiences.

___Vilma Vidal-García
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Fields of Interest

  • Latin American cultural and literary studies.
  • Hispanic-Canadian literature.
  • Intellectual history, educational travels and migrations.
  • Language and identity.
  • Second language teaching and learning.